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Parent Board of Directors

As a parent co-operative preschool our organization relies on parent volunteers to serve on our Board of Directors. The Board consists of the following positions:

 Director - The Director creates and distributes an Agenda for Board meetings, runs the meeting, takes "general charge of the Corporation", may endorse checks in the Treasurer's absence, and presides over Executive Sessions as spelled out in the By-laws.

Secretary - The secretary handles all correspondence for the school. The secretary also keeps and distributes minutes of all Board meetings.

 Treasurer - The Treasurer is responsible for collecting all Accounts, including tuition, fees, fundraising receipts, etc. The Treasurer is also responsible for paying all the bills for the PVCC and must keep complete records. The Treasurer shall present a report to the Board at its regular meetings and prepare a full financial statement required for the Annual meeting. The Treasurer may be required to give bond.

 Registrar - The Registrar maintains student files showing that Immunizations are up to date and all forms required by the state are completed. An annual report to the state is required. The Registrar also keeps updated class lists with current address and telephone numbers for all families. At the start of the school year the Registrar collects Registration fees and distributes Student Handbooks and orientation information.

Fundraising- This person is responsible for managing our fund raising events throughout the year. This can include family nights at Flatbread Pizza, Giving Tuesday and our annual June Golf Tournament

 Publicity - The person in charge of publicity works to spread news about our program, events and registration using our various social media accounts..

 Class Representatives - There is a representative from each class responsible for contacting parents when the need arises (emergency school closing, change in fieldtrip plans, teacher gifts, etc.)

More detailed information can be obtained by referencing the school By-Laws. A copy of these are kept at the school.

 Board positions are voted on at the October Board meeting which is a mandatory meeting for all parents. However, all parents are welcome at future Board meetings whether or not they hold a position on the Board.


Board meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the school. All parents are encouraged to attend Board meetings.

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