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About Us


PVCC was established in September 1972 as a parent cooperative preschool when several women from surrounding communities envisioned a need for a nurturing environment to serve our children.  Then, as now, we are professionally staffed, non-profit and non-denominational.  The parents of the center are considered members who own and operate the school and are encouraged to participate in various volunteer capacities including serving on its Board of Directors.  Board meetings are held monthly and all are welcome.  Minutes of these Board meetings are distributed to all PVCC families.

The Pleasant Valley Children's Center is licensed by the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood. This Center is a warm, familiar place for young children to grow, play, wonder and learn.  It is a preschool where 2, 3 and 4 year-olds feel safe taking risks and reaching out to make friends.  For many of them, these will be their first friends outside their families.  This is a preschool where teachers and other adults respect each child's individual limits, fears, gifts and abilities.  Children learn and develop at their own pace, encouraged by their teachers, classmates and the enrichment of the structured activities that are part of our everyday routine.

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